4 Heroes and a Green Beard
Sirish Rao
age group: 
9+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Tara Books
mystery friendship Darjeeling
fiction, adventure


Although written in the late 19th century, this detective novel has stood the test of time and seems just as fresh and contemporary as ever.
Translated from the original in Bengali, by Swati Bhattacharji, it is a part of a series of adventure stories featuring Tenida, a popular character of those times, one who had been specially created by the author.

In this story, four feisty friends decide to go to Darjeeling for a holiday to escape from the oppressive heat of the plains. There they meet strange charcters. Who are these people? What are they after? Are there several persons or just one - a  bahurupiya who was presenting himself in various disguises? The kids are perplexed and confused, yet determined to follow the trail of intriguing clues until finally the penny drops and everything falls into perspective. 

A fun, light-hearted mystery, with whacky situations and weird characters, with even weirder names, such as, Sevenpenny Santra, this book is an enjoyable read.



Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee