366 Words in Bengaluru
age group: 
5+ yrs
Number of pages: 
Fun OK Please
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If you have been there before, you would agree that 366 words might not be sufficient to capture the essence of 'namma Bengaluru'. However, Deepti Belliappa Ganapathy's book comes close enough.

The book is a pictorial representation of the Garden City and features interesting nuggets of information about the metropolis, it's history, natural beauty, cuisine and culture, seen through the eyes of Bengaluru residents - Tamara and Tanmay and their little dog, Cheeko.

Besides being a guide to Bengaluru, this book acts as an educational tool for children across all age groups. With pre-schoolers, it could be used for building the child's vocabulary, strengthening basic arithmetic skills as well as recognition and identification of colours. Children in the age group of 6 to 8 years, could locate and explore new places through the illustrations and descriptions on each page. For the older kids (and curious adults), this book offers a factual map of the city and a chance to learn a smattering of Kannada.

You could gain a lot from this book based on how innovative you choose to be with it. Recommended for all parents who wish to introduce their children to different aspects of a new city or would like their kids to value the beauty and distinctiveness of Bengaluru, if they're lucky enough to be living there already.

Reviewed by Dorita D'souza