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This collection of short stories, linked together by the twin themes of conflict and hope, boasts of an impressive collection from India and the...
Themes: social issues, tolerance
Age group : 12+ yrs
107 pages
Id Mubarak! An Eidie* of seven lovely stories await readers in 'Eid', the second in the series of ‘Celebrate! Your Fun Festival Handbook (the first...
Themes: Eid, festivals of India
Age group : 7+ yrs
138 pages
East and West meet here in a collection of stories by ten master story-tellers, plunging the young reader into a world of fun, intrigue, mystery and...
Themes: adventure, family, value education
Age group : 12+ yrs
153 pages
Setting off the mood in her introduction to this collection of sixteen stories for girls – sadly, only three of them of Indian origin; Manjula...
Themes: adventure, family
Age group : 12+ yrs
148 pages
This fine collection of sports stories for both boys and girls (yes, certainly girls, too!) will entertain many pre-teens. The authors show a good...
Themes: Indian games, sports, sportsmanship, value education
Age group : 12+ yrs
182 pages
“Stories to heal” Lighthouse in the Storm does just that. This collection of 24 gripping, heartwarming stories deals with diverse real...
Themes: behavioral problems, child abuse, value education
Age group : 9+ yrs
256 pages
A book that will encourage you to show compassion and care towards the only home you have.
Themes: earth climate change caring
Age group :