Ranjit Lal
Books by Ranjit Lal
Reading this book reminds me of an anecdote about the famous naturalist, Sir David Attenborough. When walking with his grandson in his garden, he...
Themes: birds, humour, nature and wildlife
Age group : 5+ yrs
111 pages
Welcome to the crazy world of the creepy-crawlies in this book with its tongue-in-cheek humour. Do you know why bees dance in front of their nests...
Themes: insects, nature and wildlife
Age group : 5+ yrs
16 pages
In the able hands of Ranjit Lal, the grim and sordid subject of female infanticide is dealt with amazing sensitivity. A story that could have been...
Themes: family, female infanticide, social issues
Age group : 12+ yrs
202 pages
Smitten is a gripping tale about bullying, adolescent angst, friendship and most important sexual abuse, a subject generally shunned in children...
Themes: bullying, friendship, Sexual abuse
Age group : 12+ yrs
140 pages
The book, "The Deadly Royal Recipe" by Ranjit Laal is one hell of a gastronomic ride. It won't only take you to a new adventurous high but...
Themes: adventure, food, humour
Age group : 9+ yrs
257 pages
Themes: birds
Age group : 9+ yrs
192 pages
Hats off to Ranjit Lal. In this tantalizing book, he experiments with several sensitive issues such as social ostracism & political corruption...
Themes: Empathy, rape
Age group : 12+ yrs
217 pages