Ramendra Kumar

Ramendra Kumar is an award-winning writer for children and young adults. He also dabbles in satire, poetry, fiction and travelogues.

Ramen's work has been translated into several Indian languages as well as Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese, Mongolian and Sinhala. Tales penned by him have also found a place in the school text books in India as well as abroad. His writings have been included in national and international anthologies including the popular 'Chicken Soup for the Soul Series'. His latest book ‘Now or Never’, has been recommended by CBSE as a supplementary reader for classes 7 and 8.

Ramen is a sought after speaker on 'Here and Now' Writing and has also become a regular at leading children’s literature festivals.

An Engineer and an MBA, Ramen is working as Chief of Communications, Rourkela Steel Plant. To know more about him you can check out his page on Wikipedia or visit his website www.ramendra.in.

Books by Ramendra Kumar
A tale of tails and lost friendship, this slim book conveys subtle messages at many levels. Once upon a time, a snake and a mongoose were great...
Themes: nature and wildlife, value education
Age group : 3+ yrs
24 pages
Fast-paced, heartwarming and a fun story of a gumptious grandmother who lands into Aunraag’s life and like a tsunami, sweeps away all his...
Themes: family, grandparents, humour
Age group : 7+ yrs
144 pages
There once lived a giant, Paplu, who was a disgrace to the giant family for instead of fighting and playing mean tricks on tigers and dinosaurs, he...
Themes: giants, helping others, value education
Age group : 7+ yrs
20 pages