Priya Ramanathan

Priya Ramanathan is a storyteller, a televsion writer, an audiovisual director and a
pathological film lover! She stays more in touch with imaginary friends than the real
ones (which is why she loves writing children's fiction)! She dreams in technicolour,
writes in prose-poetry and loves words.

She says, “For me, The Moustache Man is like a modern day messiah – someone who
frees people from their own shackles with practical wit and intuition. It is a story that has
a variety of meanings for a whole gamut of readers, fun on the face of it, but deep in
intent. I love reading such stories as much as I enjoy writing them!”

Books by Priya Ramanathan
The Moustache Man, published by Karadi Tales, is a fun picture book illustrated in bright pink, blue and black watercolor and carries a strong...
Themes: humour, moustache, unity in diversity, value education
Age group : 5+ yrs
32 pages