Nalini Sorensen
Books by Nalini Sorensen
HOW many uses can this paper have? With children, this is an easy and delightful game to play – how many uses can a plate have? Or that swing have?...
Themes: birthday presents, grandparents, humour
Age group : 5+ yrs
28 pages
Diwali – a joyous festival of light and celebrations with family and friends; lighting up faces with smiles, homes with myriads of lamps and coloured...
Themes: Diwali, firecrackers, pets
Age group : 7+ yrs
Never break a mirror and whatever you do, never cut your nails at night As urban India slowly but surely marches down the path of progress, we...
Themes: family, father, horoscope, India, mother, relationships, superstition, zodiac
Age group : 7+ yrs
65 pages