Muriel Kakani

Muriel, a Belgian national settled in India for now last 20 years, was 14 years old when she saw the Oscar winning movie of Richard Attenborough "Gandhi" and decided she would one day settle in India.

Muriel made her first trip to India in 1989 as a student to work at the Centre of Holistic Studies in Mumbai. That was when she got her first introduction to India's fascinating ecological traditions and indigenous knowledge.

Muriel has travelled to almost every remotest corner of the country. She wishes to use the powerful medium of environmental story writing to create awareness about India's vanishing ecological traditions. Indians have been world's first and foremost environmentalists. Long before the Green movement in the West, India's religions and indigenous cultures emphasized environmental protection and harmonious living with nature.

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Books by Muriel Kakani
India with its rich tapestry of art, science, flora and fauna has contributed many firsts to the world.What are they, and how did they impact the...
Themes: birds, colours, indigo, pets
Age group : 7+ yrs
32 pages