Jeeva Raghunath

Jeeva started telling stories from the age of 5 as she herself grew amidst excellent storytellers. She
took up teaching - especially to the toddlers - where she felt she could enjoy telling stories. Her life
moved on as a teacher more than a storyteller until recently, when she turned a storyteller, thanks to
Tulika Publishers. They gave her the responsibility of translating an activity-based storybook into Tamil,
which introduced her to the public as a storyteller. She has now grown to be a resource person representing India at many international conferences.

Jeevaʼs lively and dramatic storytelling performances keep people of all ages spell-bound. Though she occasionally uses hand puppets, paper and sign language, she believes that she herself is the best prop for her storytelling.

Her repertoire of stories includes a wide range of Indian and Asian folk-tales, European tales, Family stories, True-life incidents, Cross-culture and modern stories.

Jeevaʼs Workshops are highly interactive and based on time-tested storytelling ideas. They have also proven effective for varied groups and ages. Topics include storytelling techniques, story development, communicative skills through stories, exploring India and developing language skills through stories.

The settings for these programs include Schools, Colleges, Cultural Associations, Social Clubs, Hospitals, Libraries and Museums, Festivals, Community centres, Private parties… thereʼs been no limit so far.

Jeeva is also an author of childrenʼs books. She has written two original stories, two Tamil (regional Indian language) letterbooks and has translated 17 books.

She has also performed on-screen for many private television channels.

Books by Jeeva Raghunath
What is Thumb Thumb Thambi doing with that piece of paper? Kids will watch with great curiousity to see what comes next. Each page unfolds a step in...
Themes: kites, sky, vocabulary
Age group : 0-3 yrs
16 pages
Peek-a-Boo is favourite game of kids. They love to hide and catch others unawares - usually with a loud, BOO! In another one of this delightful...
Themes: Art and craft, games, humour
Age group : 0-3 yrs
16 pages