Ishwar Vedam

Ishwar hails from Agra and cherishes fond memories of often jogging to the Taj on summer mornings. He was a normal kid till the age of five when during a train journey a loose window shutter fell bang on the center of his head while he was enjoying the scenery. He holds the incident responsible for the imbalance between his left and right brains, which eventually turned him into a writer, though it was two decades after the big bang that he first wrote a story. In the interim, he had finished schooling, graduated in chemical engineering from NITW, worked as a buyer in a petrochemical company, and jumped on to the software bandwagon by joining an Indian IT giant where he continues till the present day.

Ishwar resides in Bangalore with his wife. When not writing or daydreaming, he loves curling up with a good book or watching TV programmes on astronomy and wildlife. He also likes peering at the heavens through his 90 mm refractor telescope on moonless nights.

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Books by Ishwar Vedam
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Age group : 9+ yrs
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