Books by Anon
Edited by Radhika Menon and Sandhya Rao, Oluguti Toluguti is a compilation of Indian Rhymes to read and recite; the book has colourful illustrations...
Themes: animals, family, flowers, Indian languages, monsoon, poetry
Age group : 3+ yrs
80 pages
A traditional Marathi tale, kids will be tickled by this book as they just love the profane, especially things concerned about the unmentionable body...
Themes: fart, folklore, food, humour, insects
Age group : 0-3 yrs
12 pages
Rangy is a mangy little homeless dog, who is cold and hungry. Out in the moonlit street he croons a song. ‘Why do you croon,’ asks the...
Themes: dogs, moon, value education
Age group : 5+ yrs
12 pages
Mix a dash of folklore with a little bit of truth and illustrate the same in vivid colours of childhood's fantasy and the result? This amazing book...
Themes: folklore, north-east, rabbits, roosters, sun
Age group : 3+ yrs
20 pages
There lived a woman in a village, who wanted to sing a song, but knew none to hum. A friend teased her to buy one. Naively she asks her husband to...
Themes: Bundelkhand, folktales, humour, song
Age group : 5+ yrs
36 pages