Mrs Jimmy Agarwal, Principal of Vibgyor High, Kharghar: "Reading is a symbiotic relationship between a Reader and a Writer. All books talk. But a good book listens as well. The labour of organizing a competition themed around books is thus such a refreshing change in a world dominated by the ‘visual’. For it enhances the essential dialogue across the silent bridge between the two domains: The Writer and The Booklover.
The fact that every young reader had to write a review of her or his chosen book alongside their own life experiences in tandem with what they considered the funniest part of the book they had selected to review, offered a unique platform to co-join the dual: the thrill of reading a book and then finding the comparable moments of what they, as readers, have learnt from the experience of their evolving lives. Bringing this personal touch to the competition has, indeed, been a unique endeavour." 

Mr Sandeep Chabbra, Principal, JBCN International School, Parel:
"What Young India Books is doing is absolutely phenomenal. ...(their) focus is to promote Indian authors. It is important that our childrendo so because it is in context with life as we see around us."

Tanya Gulrajani, Principal VH Goregaon: "LRSIA was an excellent initiative undertaken to inculcate the habit of reading. It was an enlightening programme that helped our students of VIBGYOR High appreciate literature. There are many readers amongst our students but thanks to the LRSIA programme these very students became voracious readers.
Students who enrolled for the programme had to follow a predefined format where they had to read a book and write a gist about it or create their own response journal. Reading was made even more interesting since questions had to be answered online which is apt for today’s generation.
Thank you to Team LRSIA for collaborating with us and giving this opportunity to our avid readers to emerge as winners. We look forward to another enriching year of reading.”

Dr Vandana Lulla, Director/Principal, Podar International School, Mumbai. "I am thrilled at the fact that - The LEADING READING SCHOOLS of INDIA AWARD  has been organized for students across India. The engaging & unique competitions will surely develop the language and literary abilities of students helping them to showcase their talents. Truly, it’s a platform whereby students can hone their writing, reading, imaginative & creative skills. In today’s day and age, when students are loosing out on their reading & writing skills, such initiatives should be applauded. Kudos to all those involved in this stupendous effort!" 

Mrs Radhika SInha, Principal of the Aditya Birla World Academy, Mumbai, "We are grateful to Young india Books for organising the nationwide competition, The Leading Reading Schools of India, 2014. Our school children and parents were really excited about the contest. We look forward to more contests of this nature in the future."

Rozmeen Saifee, JBCN International School, Parel: "I would like to thank Mrs Shamim Padamsee and Young India Books for such an amazing idea of bringing learning through reading to us."
Asha Narayanan, Lodha World School: "Thank you Young India Books. I’m sure more number of students will now be motivated to pick up reading as their hobby."
C.P. Goenka International: “Excellent opportunity for encouraging young reads to develop and enjoy reading books of eminent authors and genres.”
Akanksha Gavade: Young india Books is giving students and excellent platform to show their reading skills. It encourages students to read more books and gain knowledge.! Great initiative! Remarkable and commendable!!!
Mr Rajshekhar, Chief Librarian, Shishuvan, “We have been working with Young India Books since the last five years for the Leading Reading Schools of India. It has been a wonderful experience.”
Ms Jamila, Pre-Primary School, Librarian, Shishuvan, “The theme selected for this year is very good and we are happy that the books are all by Indian authors, as most of the time children are addicted to books by foreign authors.”

Shishuvan, “The theme for this year (Let’s Laugh!) was very interesting and we enjoyed reading the books as they were very funny.”

Shals Mahajan: "It was good to read what my readers find funny and why in Timmi in Tangles. But what I was most impressed by is how several of the students have written about incidents where they themselves were the ones being laughed at and how not only did they join this laughter, but also, in a few instances, initiated it! I think that this is one of the most difficult things to learn and it is good to see young persons finding such laughter more joyful than laughing at other people. :
Khyrunnisa A. "Young India Books ought to be lauded for the kind of work you have been doing out of your love for books, children and children's literature."
Arundhati Venkatesh: "Thank you so much for doing this. The world does need some joy in these dark times." (on the theme Let’s Laugh!) 

Jamshyd Godrej (President WWF (India), "I would also congratulate Young India books, which is at the forefront of creating awareness amongst school students about the precarious position of our wildlife as we try to protect our fragile ecosystems."
Raza H. Tehsin, Naturalist, Explorer & Hon. Wildlife Warden, Udaipur, “The Leading Reading Schools of India Award is an excellent initiative. Hope it encourages more and more children to discover the joys of reading and be, Wild about Wildlife.”