LRSIA 2019 Winners: Senior Category



1st Prize Winner: Arnav Khanna

School: Shikshantar
Grade: 7 
Div: Aapi
Book selected: Year of the Weeds
Winning Book Title: Silent No More
Response to Question 2
: What Inspired you to Care and Share?
"To share is to care," says Arnav. "Anchita, daughter of D.F.O not only shares cake and slippers
with a Gond tribal boy, Korok, but also guides him how to approach the media and the 
Supreme Court to stop the mining activity in the sacred Devi hills and thereby
prevent the eviction of his community from the village. Anchita inspires me to think about the marginalised strata
of society and do something for them."


2nd Prize Winner: Rajnish Koshti
School: Masti Ka Paathshala
Grade: 7
Div: D
Book selected: How Blue is Our Planet?
Winning Book Title: Caring For Our Planet
Response to Question 2: What Inspired you to Care and Share?
"The biggest threat to our planet the belief of someone else saving it.
We should use different materials rather than plastic as it harms our planet and suffocates
our aquatic animals. Our Climate is changing and we’re seeing unexpected weather nowadays."
Rajnish has decided to not play with fireworks this Diwali and says that we should not over eat and not waste food.

3rd Prize Winner: Bhavika Rawat 
School: Shikshantar
Grade: 8
Div: Aqua
Book Selected: The Boy At the Back Of The CLass
Winning Book Title: The Boy With The Red Rucksack
Response to Question 2: What Inspired you to Care and Share?
"What inspired me the most in this book was Alexa’s determination to make sure that
Ahmet reunites with his parents. Despite her young age, the effort that she makes to keep
the UK borders open to refugees so that Ahmet could meet his parents, conveys how much
his happiness meant to her. The story of their friendship has encouraged me to also make an effort to do
good for other people."


1st Prize Winner: Joshua Jacob
School: Euro School, Airoli
Grade: 7
Div: F
Book Selected: The Boy At The Back Of The Class
Winning Book Title: The Mysterious Backbencher

2nd Prize Winner: Karren Raj
School: Mahidra World School
Grade: 8
Div: B
Book Selected: Mayil Will Not Be Quiet
Winning Book Title: Mayil, the Cheerful Rebel


1st Prize Winner: Anaghaa Balamurugan Thevar
School: Shishuvan
Grade: 8
Div: Karma
Book Selected: The Little Rainmaker
Winning Illustration:

2nd Prize Winner: Bhuvi Rao Arikapalli
School: Shikshantar
Grade: 7
Div: Azia
Book Selected: Unbroken
Winning Illustration: