LRSIA 2019 Winners: Junior Category



1st Prize Winner: Avaneesh Pusalkar
School: JBCN International School, Borivali, Mumbai
Grade: 1
Div: Ekam
Book selected: One Lonely Tiger
Q 1: Book Title: Help the Tigers!
Response to Question 2: What Inspired you to Care and Share?
"When the tiger was alone in the forest, I felt sad. I feel that we should help animals by not harming them and save forests. We should grow more plants to have house for animals and birds. If the forests are safe then Tiger need not go on the moon."

2nd Prize Winner: Laasya Hebsur

School: EuroSchool, Airoli, Mumbai
Grade: 3
Div: A
Book selected: Whose Lovely Child Can You Be?
Response yo Q 1: Book Illustration -
Response to Question 2: What Inspired you to Care and Share?
"Smiling, crying, burping, gurgling…Like Kogi, I also have a little sister and I would be irritated by her funny sounds. This reminded me how much I love her. I will always care for her and share all my toys with her."

3rd Prize Winner: Jaiveer Shah
School: Sishuvan, Mumbai
Grade: 2
Div: Karma
Book Title: Mukand and Riaz
Response to Q 1: Book Cover -
Response to Question 2: What Inspired you to Care and Share?
Book Illustration:


1st Prize Winner: Gagan T.G.
School: Vidyashilp Academy
Grade: 1
Div: A
Book Selected: Mukand and Riaz
Winning Book Title: Two Besties

2nd Prize Winner: Mehr Ashish Narang
School: Vingyor High School (ICSE), Goregaon, Mumbai
Grade: 1
Div: D
Book Selected: Flying With Grandpa
Winning Book Title: Gootchaputcha: Adventures with Grandpa


1st Prize Winner: Aarya Ajit Naik
School: Shishuvan
Grade: 3
Div: Dyan
Book Selected: Whose Lovely Child Can You Be?
Winning Book Illustration:

2nd Prize Winner: Juwariya Jaffer Hussain
School: JBCN International School, Oshiwara, Mumbai
Grade: 3
Div: Uno
Book Selected: A Tree!
Winning Book Illustration: