Letter of Appreciation from Mrs Jimmy Agarwal. Principal of Vibgyor High, Kharghar


Reading is a symbiotic relationship between a Reader and a Writer. All books talk. But a good book listens as well. The labour of organizing a competition themed around books is thus such a refreshing change in a world dominated by the ‘visual’. For it enhances the essential dialogue across the silent bridge between the two domains: The Writer and The Booklover.

The engagement becomes more meaningful when the reader is called upon to give a close reading of the text to help frame her or his opinion about the nuances of a narrative through a considered review. In this context, the structure of the competition organized by Young India Books acquires a very meaningful significance. For it enhances the deeper bond between words from the perspective of the ‘written’ and the ‘interpreted’. No gainsaying then, this very core separates this competition from many others themed around books.

The fact that every young reader had to write a review of her or his chosen book alongside their own life experiences in tandem with what they considered the funniest part of the book they had selected to review, offered a unique platform to co-join the dual: the thrill of reading a book and then finding the comparable moments of what they, as readers, have learnt from the experience of their evolving lives. Bringing this personal touch to the competition has, indeed, been a unique endeavour.

But there is another aspect of the competition that also needs to be lauded with equal thrust. And it hinges on the fact that every participating school had to give a detailed map of the ongoing and future library programmes for its school. In a way this essential criterion to be a participant pushed us at VIBGYOR High, Kharghar, to envisage innovative ways and means to bring every young reader of our school within the ambit of our library programmers. Letting the young readers know that books are beyond any other mode of knowledge is an essential duty of every Educator today and we at, VIBGYOR High, Kharghar, are bound to this pledge by our faith on the written word. So, thanks for pushing us to inculcate and innovate for the benefit for our students.

While acknowledging our debt, we would also like to extend our appreciation for the manner in which the various steps of the competition was organised. An easy access to the website for details of the competition and the problem-free uploading process for the reviews by each individual child had been a boon. The most beautiful touch, however, has been the promise to offer a personalised note from every Author to each of the Reviewer, who had chosen her or his book to review. An aspect that surely created a bond between every child and the writer.

As an end note we, from VIBGYOR High, Kharghar, will repeat as a team, the essential note for every future reader that LRSIA will bring in its fold through this wonderful competition: Keep Learning and Keep Reading.

Mrs.Jimmy Agrawal
VIBGYOR High, Kharghar