Whom did Mahatma Gandhi inspire?
Gandhi - A Beacon of Inspiration!


Whom did Mahatma Gandhi inspire and what did they do?
Many people have been inspired to follow in his footsteps some in big ways and some in small.
Some made history and others contributed important chapters.
Listed here are a few of them game-changers and his admirers.

Nelson Mandela

"While Nelson Mandela is the father of South Africa, 
Mahatma Gandhi is our grandfather," 
said Harris Majeke, South Africa's ambassador to India, 
"Mandela was inspired by the Satyagraha campaign led by Gandhi.”

Martin Luther King Jr

“Christ gave us the goals and Mahatma Gandhi the tactics,”
Said Martin Luther King Jr..
He followed in Gandhi’s footsteps and adopted
non-violence in his struggle to attain civil rights
for African-Americans in the United States of America.

Dalai Lama  

Barack Obama


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source: Wikipedia

His Holiness the Dalai Lama,
was a great admirer of Mahatma Gandhi.
He said, “ I have the greatest admiration for Mahatma.
He was a great human being
with a deep understanding of human nature.
His life has inspired me.”
During a visit to a school the would-be
President Barack Obama,
was asked by a ninth-grader asked:
“If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive,
who would it be?”
He chuckled and answered:
“Well, dead or alive,
that’s a pretty big list.
You know, I think that it might be Gandhi,
who is a real hero of mine.”

George Bernard Shaw



Albert Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi
regularly exchanged letters.
Einstein believed that Gandhi
was a role model for coming generations.
He once wrote, “I believe that Gandhi’s views
were the most enlightened of all the 
political men of our times.”
Nobel-prize-winning Irish playwright
and passionate socialist, George Bernard Shaw
when asked to comment on Gandhi, responded:
“Impressions of Gandhi?
You might well ask for someone’s impression
of the Himalayas.”


Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

  Cesar Chavez

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source: Wikipedia

‘Frontier Gandhi’, as he was fondly called,
Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan,
was a political and spiritual leader .
He was an ardent admirer of Gandhi’s
methods of Ahimsa and Satyagraha
to oppose the British. They were good friends
and worked closely with each other.
When Cesar Chavez was actively advocating
the rights of Latino farm workers,
he drew his inspiration from Gandhi’s tactics,
such as, boycotts and hunger strikes.
He said, “Not only did he talk about non-violence,
he showed how non-violence works
for justice and liberation.”


Mahatma Gandhi had many, many fans and admirers across the globe. To name a few more, they were:

Noted writer: Pearl S. Buck
Emperor of Ethiopia: Haile Selassie
Celebrated writer: Leo Tolstoy
Vietnamese revolutionary: Ho Chi Minh
Film Maker: Richard Attenborough
American Historian: Will Durant
Writer and Philosopher: Rabindranath Tagore
Technocrat: Steve Jobs
Legendary British Musician: John Lennon

And many, many more…