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The Secret Diary of the World’s Worst Cook

By Subhadra Sen Gupta
Embark on 15-year-old Rohin’s adventurous quest to find the owner of ‘The Secret Diary of the World...
Genre : fiction
12+ yrs

Clear Sky Red Earth – A Himalayan Story

By Sienna Craig
Lyrical words and breathtaking art come together in this wonderfully feminist story
Genre : picture book, fiction, fantasy
7+ yrs

Shero to the Rescue

By Ashish Kothari
A fitting reminder that anyone can do their part, no matter how small!
Genre : picture book, fiction
7+ yrs

The Natural Wonders of India

By Vijaylakshmi Nagarajan
A rollicking trip around India’s not so famous but completely fascinating stops that celebrates...
Genre : non-fiction,
7+ yrs

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