LRSIA 2019 List of Selected Books


One poet and twelve tribal storytellers, some of India’s most loved illustrators! They encourage you to – Think.

Meet Jafta a boy who describes his moods and feelings by comparing his actions to those of various animals.

A delightful little book that helps us realise that adapting to other people is easier than we think.

A warm and caring tale of friendship during India's most troubled period of history.

A book that helps young readers understand – and act on – what it means to be kind

See the street life of Mumbai city. through the eyes of its happy and playful street dogs.

The forest is disappearing and a lonely little tiger has no no one to play with.

A charming story about adoption and love/


First, a ripped shirt and then, a faulty iron box. The day has just begun for Shyam with everything going wrong one after another.

Apoorva Joshi is asked to be the secret Agony Aunt. Can she help others solve their problems?

Xerxes' mother wants him to be like JRD Tata, but all Xerxes wants is to be like his Grandpa

A collection of 16 short and simple stories each one focusing on one aspect of the damage that man is causing to nature.

A collection of short stories focusing on communal harmony

A book that will encourage you to show compassion and care towards the only home you have.

While working on the school project, Maitreyi and her friends uncover some shocking truths about their new classmates ...

Magesh is no good with words. What will happen when he starts going to school?


Mayil, a spunky 12 year oldnrecords her growing-up years with great candour subtly raising issues of gender stereotyping, the abuse of women, and prejudice about race and colour.

So You Want to Know About the Environment looks at climate change, food, waste, water and wildlife; explains scientific concepts and asks important questions. 

Told with heart and humour, this book is a child's perspective on the refugee crisis,

A story of hope, power and the fierce determination of a little girl in the face of an acute environmental crisis.

A coming-of-age book which packs within itself rich themes of disability and empowerment, and denial and acceptance.

The Gonds have to leave their village because a mining company is planning to acquire their sacred hill. Can Korok manage to fight the system to save their land?