LRSIA 2018 - Let's Laugh!

You are a school:

Registration is free for all schools.
To participate, fill in the School Registration Form.
Send out this Circular for Parents for their information either by mail or Whatsapp.
Download and pin posters on your noticeboards to create a buzz around the competition.
Buy the books on the Reading List for your school library so students can browze through them. 
Or, inform parents to purchase them.
Collect the participation fees of Rs 200 per student either by cheque or cash and remit. Refer to the FAQ for details
Or, request parents to do the needful. 
Note: Children of NGO schools are exempted from the participation fee.
For further details and proceedure refer to the About LRSIA 2018.

You are a parent:

Confirm your child/children's participation with the designated teacher.
Pay an entry fee of Rs.200/ each - either directly as per details in the FAQ or to the school (as determined by the school policy) 
Note: Children studying in NGO schools are exempt of this fee.
Buy the book/s of your child's choice from the Reading List
Once the students are ready with their responses submit the same in the Student Submission Form
To know more about the awards log onto Note for Parents.
For further details and proceedure refer to the