Letters of Appreciation LRSIA 2019

We at JBCN International School, Borivali always look forward to the Leading Reading Schools India Awards organized by Young India Books for its meaningful themes selected every year. For with the yearly themes, well selected list of books related to the theme are put forward for learners to read, experience and share.

Its an important initiative that exposes learners to current Indian Literature that present themes that are the need of the hour like the need to have a good laugh, care for nature and each other. These titles create an impression on the tender minds of the future generation and mould them to become sensitive and responsible youngsters. Learners discover the gems of Indian literature through the selected books which some of them may have missed reading.

We are indeed overjoyed to be the winners of this award since being empathic is a concept that is very close to our heart and mind. It is a concept that needs urgent attention and conscious application to attain harmony in our lives.

Sunita Monteiro 
Teacher Librarian
Learner Resource Centre,
JBCN International School 
Borivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra