What is the Leading Reading Schools of India Award (LRSIA)? 

LRSIA has a dual mission: to recognise and applaud schools that go the extra mile to instill a love for reading, as well as, to inspire and encourage children to become creative thinkers.  
This prestigious award had been initiated by Young India Books in 2014 to applaud and recognise five progressive schools of India for their exemplary work in this regard. Every year we have an exciting new theme to pique the child's interest. To read about earlier events go to the Drop-down menu titled Events in the navigation bar.

What do schools have to do?
Schools have to fill in the Schools Registration Form mentioning the innovative programmes and activities that they conduct in their school.
Next they encourage their students and motivate parents to participate in the competition by pinning a print-out of the Poster on your schools noticeboards and sending out this Circular to parents.

What is the criteria for arriving at the winning schools?
Originality, quality and number of entries by the students along with the initiatives taken by the school to inculcate reading habits will be the main criteria for arriving at the Five Leading Reading Schools of India.

What do schools receive? 
The five winning schools enter the Hall of Fame of the Who's Who of schools. They also receive a beautiful hand-crafted trophy in the Kondapalli toys art form and a citation.

What do students receive?
Every participating student receives a custom designed Participation Certifcate designed by India's leading illustrators of children's book and receive a letter of congratulations from the author/illustrator. In addition Prize-winning students will receive a Winners Certificate and have their name and work posted on the website. Besides that, they get the honour of becoming a book reviewer for Young India Books.

I would like my child to participate. What should I do?
Contact the class teacher or the librarian to register your child's name. Note: Children who have not registered with the school will not be able to participate.

What if my child's school has not registered?
Please forward the link to the Young India Books website www.youngindiabooks.com to the school and request them to participate. If you have the contact email id of the principal or other school authority, we would be happy to send them a request. 

How do I select the books for the child to read?
The reading list is divided into 3 categories
Junior: for children from std 1 - 3
Middle-Grade: for children from std 4- 6
Senior: for children frpm std 7 - 9

Do we have to buy all the books on the reading list?
No. you do not have to. However, it is advisible to buy a couple for the child to enjoy. 

What do students have to do? 
1) Children select a book from the Reading List. (each book listed is linked to the book review)
2) They do a couple of readings of their selected book
3) PART ONE: They answer the following question in the field provided on the Student Submission Form
                     Describe in detail which part of the book you find the funniest. Why?
                     Junior group: Between 40 - 60 words
Middle-grade: Between 50 - 100 words
                     Senior grade:  Between 100 - 200 words
PART TWO: Narrate a funny incident in your own life
                     (Word count as above)
                     Illustrate a funny incident in your life. (If submitting a drawing then please scan and upload as a jpeg file.)

NOTE: Only one entry per child is permitted.

If my child is young can I submit on his/her behalf?
Yes, you can enter their work in the Student Submission Form. But please ensure that it is their own work.
Note: Sometimes, parents are tempted to edit the child's offering. Please do not so, as it may lead to dis-qualification

How do we pay the participation fees?
By Cheque
Cheques should favour “Young India Books”
And mailed to: 
Shamim Padamsee,
A-1, Padamsee Apatments,
22/29, Union Park, 
Khar West, 
Mumbai 400052

Parents - Behind the cheque please enter: 
                your child's name    
                school name 
                your email id.  

Schools - Behind the cheque please enter: 
                 school name,
                 branch (i you have more than one school)
                 your email id 

Via Bank Transfer:
Account Name: Young India Books
DCB Bank
Account no: 00522900000329
IFSC/NEFT/RTGS code DCBL 0000005
Address: 241, Hill View Apartments, Opp Mehboob Studio
Bandra West, Mumbai 400050
Note: Please intimate details of bank transfer via email to lrsiawards@gmail.com mentioning student’s name, school, grade and city.


School Registration starts June 15, 2018
School Registration closes July 15, 2018


Last date for Student Submissions - August 31, 2018
Announcement of Results - October 2, 2018


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