Illustrated by: Nina Sabnani
Age group: 9+ yrs
Publisher: Tulika

Artists of Gujarat embark on a visual narrative that describes their lives and records their heritage through exquisite embroidery and applique work.

Illustrated by: A.V. IIlango
Age group: 7+ yrs
Publisher: Tulika

The Ningthoou wants to choose a successor to his throne. Whom does he choose - his two stong sons or his little caring daughter?

Illustrated by: Sujata Bansal
Age group: 5+ yrs
Publisher: CBT

Read about the life of a little girl of the Gujjar tribe

Illustrated by: Fatema Barot Mota
Age group: 7+ yrs
Publisher: Bookworm

Little Aquina has forgotten to replace St Franic's stick in the church. Will she succeed in replacing it?

Illustrated by: Sayantan Halder
Age group: 7+ yrs
Publisher: Puffin

Discover the serene beauty and rich heritage of Kashmir, its flora, fauna and traditions in the second of the series of The Adventures of the Magic Flying Jharoka