Illustrated by: Mugdha Shah
Age group: 5+ yrs
Publisher: Tulika

Ever wondered how a peacock got the eyes on his tail?

Illustrated by: Partha Sengupta
Age group: 7+ yrs
Publisher: National Book Trust

How does a baby hornbill overcome his fear?

Illustrated by: Natasha Sharma
Age group: 5+ yrs
Publisher: Pratham Books

Adapted from a popular Punjabi folk tale, this story of the clever sparrow that has been narrated over the decades to little kids

Illustrated by: Deepa Balsavar
Age group: 0-3 yrs
Publisher: Tulika

the book introduces the child to some of the elements of nature

Illustrated by: Neetu Sharma
Age group: 5+ yrs
Publisher: Scholastic

Little flamingo discovers that birds beaks are adapted to different diets.