Rape!! Time for Action. One step, two steps, and more!


What ails society? Why are crimes against young girls rising? WHY?? WHY?? WHY??

Perhaps we need to go to the root and understand the causes. Is it, a male domination factor? An assertion of power? A sense of frustration that gets manifested in violence against a woman? 
Some of the above cannot be addressed at the grass-root level but some things we at a small micron level can do to make a quantum shift. Whether we accept it or not, our girls are easy prey. Hence, It's time to think of ACTION. It's time to educate girls about potential risks and dangers. To keep their antennae up at all times. It's sad but necessary. 
The question is where do we begin? At home? In schools? 

At Home 
First, we should start by educating the parents. In our male-biased society, this is an uphill task. But nevertheless, it's high time we start. For starters:
Parents MUST educate their boys about respect for women. 
AND educate their daughters on being careful and keeping their antennae up AT ALL TIMES, against potential harm. It's sad but necessary. 

In Society
Create short films that can be screened on TV.
Communicate through sermons in places of worship.
Film industry to make movies that emphasize gender-respect and equality.
Ostarisation of perpetuators and their families.

In School
Schools can have debates, seminars, etc on gender equality and book discussions on the topic. 

Are there such books?
For younger children amongst others we have the ever popular fairy tales, such as, Hansel and Gretel and Red Riding hood. Whilst one can draw many lesssons from the the most important ones are of safety. These convey a strong message softened by a velvet glove. 

Be Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf! Lessons in Safety via Fairy Tales

For older children we have a few books. Notable among them are these two. Both written by Ranji Lal 


Ranjit Lal has not shied away from tackling the subject of gender vulnerability. With great restraint, sensitivity and tact, he has created a warm and touching story of two potential victims in his books THE SECRET OF FALCON HEIGHTS and SMITTEN. Both these books were featured in the in the annual competion title The Leading Reading Schools of India Awards. Sadly, some schools decided that the topic was too touchy a topic and decided not to include them in the reading list. Hope they change their minds and include them in their school libraries. Reading such books will surely help sensitize girls and make them wary of potential dangers.