LRSIA 2014 book list


Recommended List of Books


Picture Books

The Why-Why Girl – Tulika

A Kite Called Korika – Tulika

Ju’s Story - Tulika

Putul and the Dolphins – Tulika

The Sweetest Mango – Tulika

Mukand and Riaz – Tulika

My Friend, the Sea – Tulika

Kali and the Rat Snake – Tulika

Gulla and the Hangul – Tulika

Bijoy and the Big River – Tulika

Catch that crocodile! – Tara

Excuses, Excuses – Tara

Following my Paintbrush – Tara

The Ghost of the Mountains –Kalpavriksha


Cheenu’s Gift – Pratham Books

Saving the Gulmohur – TERI

I am a Cat – Eklavya

The Toy Horse – CBT

How to weigh an Elephant – Katha

What shape is an Elephant – Katha


Chapter Books

Mayil wont be Quiet – Tulika

Advaita the Writer – Tulika

The Grasshopper’s Run – Scholastic

At Least a Fish – Scholastic

Fundoo4-The Mystery of Mindnet – scholastic

Faster Fenay at Pratapgard - Puffin

Victory Song – Puffin

Poachers in Paradise – Puffin

Wild Child and Other Stories – Puffin

Kiss the Lines – Puffin
A Clear Blue Sky – Puffin

Ash & Tara and the Emerald Dagger – Puffin

Getting Granny’s Glasses – Puffin

Let’s Play – Puffin

Boyhood Days – Puffin

Trash! – Tara

A Wild Elephant at Camp – Tara

Six SpellMakers of Dorabjee Street - Hachette

The Ghost Hunters of Kurseong – Hachette

The Crazy Tales Of Pagla Dashu - Hachette