Dr Coomi S. Vevaina


Dr Coomi has been a leading luminary in the field of education. We are thrilled that this year she has accepted our invitation to lead the panel towards selecting the top five  schools as the Leading Reading Schools of India. Schools that do not leave any stone unturned to get their students to become avid readers and incisive thinkers. a big THANK YOU DR COOMI! 

Read Dr Coomi Vevaina's impressive biodata here.

TEDx Speaker, Educational Futurist, Internationally acclaimed Educator, Writer, Workshop Leader and Storyteller.

In October 2016, Dr. Vevaina retired as Professor and Head of the Department of English, University of Mumbai, India and is now the Founder Director of Centre for Connection Education and Management 

Dr. Vevaina has two Ph.D. degrees to her credit – one in Literature and the other in Education.

She has published 11 books and 58 papers that have appeared in peer-reviewed national and international journals and critical anthologies.

She has won numerous national and international awards and is a renowned speaker who delivers lectures and leads seminars and workshops for teachers and parents.

She is passionate about teaching pedagogy and has been actively involved in curriculum designing at all levels and has helped set up study centres in India and abroad.

In 2013, her book on Education, Source-full Intelligence: Understanding Uniqueness and Oneness through Education was selected as among the eighteen best books published in the U.S.A. in 2013 and her most recent book, What Children Really Want, has received critical acclaim from educators, psychologists, parents, writers from all over the world and even the Dalai Lama.

In August-September 2015, she was selected by the World Leaders in Education (WLE) as one of the thirty-five women from across the world changing educational paradigms and was asked to present a paper at their international conference in the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Dr. Vevaina has her own storytelling organization called Wordfully Yours which hosts storytelling programmes and conducts training workshops on storytelling for enhancing ecoliteracy, socioliteracy and psycholiteracy.

Email: csvevaina@gmail.com
Phone: 9820170157
Website: www.coomivevaina.com