Commonwealth Games


The Commonwealth Games have just concluded. Amazing feats! Amazing strength! In the sports arena, humans break records time and again.
However, did you know that if people contested size for size with our wildlife, animals, birds and even insects would beat us hollow!

1. Which the animal kingdom’s weight lifting champion? How many times its body weight can it carry?

Ans. Rhinoceros Beetle. Can lift 850 times its body weight, a human equivalent of carrying 65 tons. Move over Mary Kom!

2. Which insect is the high jump champion - world’s greatest leaper?

Ans. Froghopper. The lady-bug sized insect can jump more than 2 feet, which is like a human jumping up to the top of a skyscraper!

3. Which are the fastest runners?

Ans. Tiger Beetle. It can run at a speed of 4.2 miles per hour, that’s like a human running at 1300 miles per hour! This record holder has to slow down if it has to see anything!

4. Which insect is the record holder for longest migration?

Ans. Globe Skimmer Dragonfly (Pantala flavescens). This incredible traveller travels no less than 11,000 miles long round trip from southern India to Africa!

5. This acrobat can perform cartwheels like a true gymnast. Name it.

Ans. Golden Wheel Spider. This north African huntsman spider can turn into a wheel - curl its legs around its body and roll down a slope!

6. Which bird can fly faster than a racing car?

The Perigrine Falcon. It can fly at the speed of 180 kph

7. Which bird can out swim Duncan Scott? 

The Gentoo Penguin. Duncan would never stand a chance in  arace with it.

8. Which bird can outrun Isis Holt?

The Ostrich. It can run at a speed of 70mph 

Information courtsey The Great Birdywood Games by Shamim Padamsee and Wild in the Backyard by Arefa Tehsin.