Celebrate International Women's Day with these delightful books!


As we celebrate International Women's Day, let's all be aware that the greatest of women achievers were once little girls; girls who must have been feisty, courageous, confident and most important of all - caring. Listed here are books that narrate the stories of five such girls. Gift one or even better, a couple of the books to the little girls in your lives, in order to inspire them and to take pride in who they are and the potential that lies within each one of them.


Tara’s father takes the entire family on a most unusual vacation—tracking Royal Bengal tigers in the Himalayan foothills! In this story of high drama and tension, the ten-year-old gadget geek stumbles upon an international tiger-poaching racket, she takes up the challenge and successfully nabs the crooks.
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Yasmin gets to know that some builders in connivance with a powerful politician will be razing down down Book Uncle's free reading library. She decides to swing into ation and with persistence and courage manages to save the library. A great story that emphasises the Power of One! 
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In this world of emphasis on a girl being Fair and Lovely, Samaira is offered a fairer skin but she quietly but firmly refuses the offer, saying that she is happy being exactly as she is
Read the review written by Manishka Mouvery. Grade 2. Vidyashilp Academy here: https://youngindiabooks.com/bookrev/brown


Dip Dip is handicapped, but only in her body, definitely not in spirit. She lives her life exactly as any other child would do. So, when her friend's cat is lost, Dip Dip is determined to find her even if it means having to climb up a tree to do so.
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When Sarojini, a slum dweller, learns about the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 (RTE) she decides to go to Greenhill School to ask for a seat. When rejected, she learns more about the RTE act and then sets about to improve her own school instead of giving up.
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