1st Place!


1st Place: 
JBCN International School, Borivali (W)

  • Learners are practically taught how to locate and shelf books and the shelves are labelled for easy access.
  • In order to facilitate reading, ‘Reading Areas’ are created in Homerooms (Class Libraries) and Corridors.
  • A trolley showcasing the recommended books “Pick ME, I’m AWESOME” and new arrivals “I’m NEW, here for YOU”, is much liked by the learners.
  • Every class is given a Globe, to be kept for the entire year.
  • Pedagogy resources (books and magazines) are at their disposal for professional as well as personal development.
  • Staff Book Lover’s club caters to all their reading needs. Rewards are given for completing a book in 15 days and a getting another staff or teacher to read more books.
  • List of books issued by a teacher is shared with the coordinator and used as a reference at the time of their appraisal.
  • Book suggestions from learners are encouraged and suitable suggested books are purchased. Parent suggested titles are also added.
  • Non active members are encouraged to start reading topics that they are interested in and also at the level they want to read.
  • Non active learners are given Graphic novels to encourage them to read.
  • They are encouraged to play word/language (Scrabble, Pictionary) games during the library period and after school.
  • Learners are grouped to create or share the books they read in order to be a listener and share what they felt after reading their book. Different points of views are voiced.
  • Construction workers’ children were invited for a book sharing activity and were presented with books.
  • Read alouds connected to themes taught, work as tools to make learners feel the situations in which real life people live in. Theme topic: Migration, Bullying.
  • Author studies showcase what inspired the author to begin writing and learners are able to relate to his/her text because of their knowledge about the author.
  • Buddy readers are able to feel the difficulty that a non active learner faces.
  • Readers’ Theatre enables the learners to fit into a character and accordingly understand it and play its part.
  • Book tasting buffet and Book Character Quiz, Character parade
  • Poetry recitation