The Milkman's Cow

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Author: Vidya Pradhan Genre : picture book, fiction
Illustrator: Saurabh Pandey Age : 3+ yrs
ISBN : 81-7011-973-1 Pages : 24
Publisher : CBT Price : 25

A delightfully simple, earthy and funny book. 

A cow in a bad mood settles down in the middle of the road and refuses to budge.  Nine men heave and tug, but to no avail.  Along comes a little boy and with the ingenuity that children possess, succeeds in getting the cow to co-operate. 

Children will love the refrain, "But the cow wasn't going anywhere that day."

The illustrations are big and bright and cheerful and evocative of the common street scenes of India.

The story has the potential of becoming a favourite with young kids. b

Reviewed by Shamim Padamsee