Recommended Reading List for LRSIA 2016


An excellent initiative and a great collection of books by contemporary Indian authors. However, I do feel that the books are not unto the age standard mentioned . For e.g. a lot of books mentioned in the grades 4-6 and even some for 7-9 are suitable for younger kids say grade 3.

Meanwhile certain books in the 7+ category seem to be a little young for these children specially grades 2 and 3

However, looking forward to continue reading new books through your website

Shruti Mor

Thank you for your insight. I appreciate the time and trouble that you have taken to point it out. Will definitely keep the same in mind for the next year's selection. However, our dilemma is that as students register for the program from various parts of the country and language being a challenge in some places, we try to ensure that the kids are not daunted. We would love every child to be able to read, comprehend and enjoy.


i am a young 6 year old reader,just got intoduced to good reading material through your website.Wishing a happy reading to all my young friends.

A happy reader.