Read India. Love India. Titles for World Environment Day


The Glass Tree

Chief Kuruman Pannikkan liked to worship under a fragrant old champaka tree home to myriads of birds. Along pops up a little man from the west, Melkorran, who promises him to make a beautiful new tree, one that would not litter the place by shedding its leaves.
Down went the fragrant old champaka tree, and soon in its place stood an elaborately crafted glass tree, with glass leaves and glass butterflies and even glass nests. At first, Pannikan was thrilled to have a tree whose leaves glittered and shone in the sunlight.
But soon everyone started to wonder what good was it if birds could not build nests in it and children could not climb in its branches?

Saving the Gulmohur

The Chipko movement has been the source of inspiration to people all around the world. People have admired the courage of the simple village women who hugged the trees and were ready to lay down their lives rather than allow the woodcutter’s axe harm them.
When five friends get to know that their tree-house built atop an old Gulmohur tree was to be chopped down. , they decide to adopt the Chipko model and hug the tree!
This heart-warming story encourages kids not to feel helpless, but to make their voices be heard.. It spreads the message of conservation and positive activism.

One Night in the Sunderbans

In the he man-grove ecosystem of the Sunderbans, Diya encounters some of the forest's fiercest creatures, the tiger, crocodile and the king cobra. She learns, that this forest that has existed for centuries is now at risk owing to wanton exploitation and destruction. Unless man changes his ways, there is very little hope for them.
True too her name, Diya, promises to shed light in the minds of her friends and teachers at school. A light that would hopefully ignite the hearts of many others towards conserving and protecting our forests and the wildlife within its precincts.

The Coral Tree

In this jargon-free book, the author very simply informs the child about the tree, the various parts of the flower, its flowering cycle and its denizens. And for a reader who is eager to know, additional snippets of information is also provided on each page.

Grandfather goes on Strike

A humourous tale on the power of ONE, when Grandfather, who loves trees finds out that the Municipal Council have given some builders the right to chop his trees decides to protect them by climbing up the oldest of the trees and settling amongst the branches. Nothing would bring him down, no amount of persuasion or threats until he receive a letter stating that the trees that nurtured animals and birds would be left alone.

Who will be Ningthou?

An endearing tale set in Manipur in which the Ningthou and Leima - King and Queen are out to decide on the successor to their throne. Who will be selected the Ningthou? Everyone wondered. Can a young girl be the Ningthou? How important are strength and valour versus caring for all living creatures. Very subtly the author weaves in the twin themes of gender bias and sensitivity towards all living creatures.

The Elephant in the Tree

A delightfully illustrated story, that is very much the need of the hour. What with trees fast vanishing from our planet and water tables getting affected, life may soon become unsustainable on planet Earth. Airavat, a seven-trunked elephant, approaches little Mahi to help him save the Tree of Life from which springs all life. Owing to lack of water caused by the destruction of the forests, the tree was dying. Will they succeed?

Birdywood Buzz 

The great Mor Khan is arriving from the city to choose actors for his new film. The birds of the jungle are in a flutter. What should they do to bag a role? The smart city crow steps in to help – and also settle scores with Vulture.
With filmdom as its backdrop, the author wittingly casts actual bird species and builds the story around their looks and characteristics to encourage them to learn about the different bird species of India.


Gulla and the Hangul

Gulla and the Hangul is a simple story of a kind-hearted shepherd boy. It beautifully captures the gentle pace and beauty of life in a Kashmiri village and is a gentle reminder to children on the importance of conservation.

Birds of Different Feathers
A delightful collection of short stories each based on a specific bird species of India. It overflows with nature facts about birds, their habitat and behaviour, all presented in an engaging anecdotal fashion.
The section on “Interesting Tidbits” that follows every chapter in the book is invaluable even for seasoned nature lovers and teachers.

Saving Grandma's Tree

This story draws greatly from the original movement by the women in Garhwal in the Himalayas who took it on themselves to save their trees. The book creates awareness on the effect of deforestation and is so simply described that kids will immediately understand the gravity of the situation.


The King and the Kiang

A breathtaking story set in the deep valley of Yumthang in Sikkim,, of a young strange girl called Kunzang with wild red hair, crimson eyes and magical powers. The story brings out the beauty of the Indian countryside along with the deep beliefs of the people who live there, a must read for those who love nature and myths surrounding it

The Ghost of the Mountains

Inspired by a true story, this book tells us about Rigzin, a boy in Ladakh, who finds a snow leopard in the house of one of the villagers. The villagers want to kill the magnificent animal as it had killed some of their livestock. In turn they want to kill the leopard. Will he succeed in convincing the villagers to let the animal free? Ghost of the Mountains has its facts woven into the story and drives home an important message.

Putul and the Dolphins

A girl from a Bengali fishing community saves two dolphins from being killed when they swim into her flooded house. The playful creatures in their turn save her from drowning. The story vividly portrays that we should not harm wild creatures especially endangered ones.

 Monkeys in My Backyard

A book comprising of eight short stories about living in harmony with nature and its flora and fauna, this well-written book emphasizes the themes of caring and interconnectedness without lapsing into moralizing. The author very successfully brings to the fore, several animal-welfare-related issues of India; in the wild, in the city and at home.

 Mother is Mother

A simple, yet, well written story teaching a valuable lesson that interfering with nature, capturing wild animals and birds, and caging them is cruel.
The story highlights the point that animals are best left alone in the wild - their rightful home!


Journey to the City of Six Gates:

Two children, Prince Satya and Princess Mati journey to the city of six gates through thick forests to rescue their parents who have been captured by one of their arch-enemies.
Even though the book has some blood and gore, the forests and the trees almost seem to take centrespace, and somehow succeeds in permeating the book with a sense of tranquility and quietude.
A powerful message of conservation and protection of our forests subtly woven through an unusual tale.