The Leading Reading Schools of India Award (LRSIA)2016


What is the LRSI Award?
The Leading Reading School Award is an annual award programme initiated by Young India Books to applaud and recognise the five leading schools of India for their exemplary work in instilling a love for reading in their students.
What do the schools have to do?
  • Participating schools will have to register ONLINE Without school registration students will not be able to participate.
  • A staff member, preferably the librarian, has to be appointed to be in charge of the event.
  • There should be a minimum of 10 children per school. Any number of children can participate
  •  The school should register the names of the participating students, collect the fees and remit the same to the bank account given below.
  • Email the list of participating students to as an excel file
Who can participate in this competition?
  • LRSIA is open to children of all schools, libraries and book clubs.
  • There is a PARTICIPATION FEE of Rs.100/- per student. Check in the link for the bank details.
  • The Competition is open in three categories:
    • Primary (Grades I to 3),
    • Middle (Grades 4 to 6),
    • Secondary (Grades 7 to 10) 
What are the awards to be won?
The 5 Leading Reading Schools of India Award
  • A Trophy
The most outstanding review
  • A Kindle 
3 Student Awards in each category
  • A certificate from YIB
  • A Crossword store gift voucher
  • An opportunity to become a reviewer for Young India Books
Children’s Choice Award for the book most preferred by the students.
What is the Children’s Choice Award?
Children’s Choice Award is a biennial award that has been initiated by Young India Books in which children get to select the book for the award.  
What will all participants receive?
  • A Participation certificate from YIB
What are the timelines for this competition?
Launch: August 15, 2015
School online Registration: September 7, 2015
Last date for receiving Student Participation Fees: September 15, 2015
Student Submission Form will be actived October 1, 2015
Last date for Submission of Review with Rating: October 30, 2015
Results to be declared on: January 26, 2016
What is the process for reviewing a book?
How does one procure the books?
  • A recommended reading list of books carefully chosen by our eminent panel is available online.
  • BOOKS CAN BE PURCHASED at a special price from the website by the school collectively, or, the child individually 
Whom can I contact, if I still need help?
Contact your Librarian/Teacher
Or, visit our website
Or, email us at