LRSIA 2014

The Leading Reading Schools of India Award is an annual award being established by Young India Books, to recognize and felicitate schools that believe in the power of the written word and to encourage children to read India-specific books. Every year five schools will be awarded recognition as being The Leading Reading Schools of India. The winning schools for the year 2014 were: 

The theme for the year was We, The Children of India, inspired by the book of the same title by Leila Seth, the first woman high court judge of India. 40 books, that reflected the diversity of the land and chidren from different social stratas were selected as reading material. Children were given the option to either write a review, design a cover or create a game based on the book.



To generate a sensibility in children through books on our rich heritage – be it flora, fauna, the arts, crafts and more. Our children, especially from urban areas are generally western oriented and hence grow up unaware of our rich and sometimes fragile heritage. 

To recognize and appreciate the work done by schools that go that extra mile to inculcate a love for books and reading. What is that they do? How and why do they find success in their endeavours? This award programme applauds and appreciate their efforts and paves the way for others to emulate.  

To showcase the tremendous creativity of our children and thus motivate and encourage them to look for ‘out of the box’ ideas. Children are highly creative. Unfortunately, this creativity is stymied by the pressures at school and home in pursuit of the relentless search for grades.


Judges: Well-known authors, educators and illustrators shortlisted the entries.

Akbar Padamsee , the renowned artist, judged the short-listed illustrations, both for scene illustration and cover design and Jerry Pinto the award winning writer judged the written word. 



All award winning schools received a large hamper of books and a cittaion.

1st and 2nd prizes were awarded to children in junior and senior categories for book reviews, scene illustration and cover design and finally,  game creation. Prize-winning children received a certificate and a signed copy of the book We, the Children of India by Leila Seth, the author. All participating children received an e-certificate.