How to Write a Great Review!

How to Write a Great Review

➢ Read the book a couple of times.
➢ What was the book about? Try to describe it in a couple of sentences without giving away the ending.
➢ What was your favourite part of the story? Why did you like it?
➢ Who is/are the main characters? Tell us something about them. What happens to them in the story?
➢ What sort of book was it? Was it a picture book, a chapter book, a fantasy book, a nonfiction book?
➢ If there are illustrations, how did they help tell the story?
➢ Did you like the book? Why or why not? What was good about it? Did any parts make you laugh? Which ones? Did you feel as if you were looking through the main character's eyes?
➢ You might want to add some more.



• Write an interesting starting sentence for your review. Some people like to start with a question or a quote.
• The name of the author and the book title and the main theme.
• Relevant details about who the author and his background???
• The context of the book and/or your review
• What aspect of the book do you wish to discuss about -The thesis
• A summary of the content



• Your analysis and evaluation should be based on your assessment and organized into paragraphs. Each paragraph dealing with a single aspect.
• If you find it useful to include comparisons to other books, keep them brief so that the book under review remains in the spotlight.
• Quote from the book to support the points you make.



• Sum up your main points and make the final judgment regarding the book.
• This paragraph needs to balance the book’s strengths and weaknesses in order to unify your evaluation.


These are mere guidelines. Feel free to add something more or, even ignore some tips.

Befor submitting read your book review aloud to yourself and check for spelling and punctuation. Keep the language precise.



Thank You

As Orson Wells once said," Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch. This line truly represents the philosophy of our lead character, Pushkin also known as "Petu Pumpkin. This beautifully crafted narration "Petu Pumpkin Tiffin Thief'" is written in a sincere and honest fashion by Arundhati Venkatesh. Its a fictitious book which revolves around the innocence of adolescent friendship. The playfulness of the book is a mirror by which the themes of juvenile pranking and friendship are reflected.
The book's plot revolves around Petu Pumpkin and his friends increasingly desperate attempts to curse his over zealous appetite. Pushkin is a boy with an anomous hunger that cannot be satisfied with the food in his tiffins. Therefore, he eats up his friends' tiffins as well. Fed up by his reighn of foodism his friends, Jainit , Nitin, Kiran and Sachin, form a secret society to come up with a plan to kill Petu's appetite. Their initial attempts involving magic potion and superglue ends in disaster. However, they finally triumph when they mould an ingenius plan involving sewage and mud.
"Pushkin is a pumpkin,
He's back from Cochin,
He will eat anything,
Even from a dustbin."
The humerus undertone of this book is dearly displayed in the above quoted lines and that is what elevates the story to another level. The plot is thickened with suspense and that motivates and encourages the reader to read on. The climax with the worms, sewage and mud is extremely hilarious and well-written. With her quirky style of writing, Arundhati is an author who can carve her own niche. This book explores the truth of the statement "Revenge is a dish best served cold or in this case, it is dish best served when seasoned with worms." There are truly no words to describe a masterpiece like this novel, ironically enough.