Develop a Writing Rhythm.

Tip 1: Develop a Writing Rhythm.

Find out what time of the day suits you and how much time you can devoteto writng and then STICK TO IT. Each and every single day. Just as in the case of a musician doing Riyaaz. We are all rushed for time and if carving out a chunk of time to write is difficult, take whatever is possible, but at a fixed time of the day, each and every single day. Make an appointment with your self and keep it as you would an important meeting.

If you have the luxury then figure out at what time of the day, you are most creative. That is the ideal time for penning down your ideas, words, book. 

Sit at the same time and the same place. Give yourself a comfortable seat, a table without clutter and a room without distractions and watch yourself Go! Let everyone know that you have dedicated this hour or two or more for a date with your muse. It is a cosy twosome time and will not brook any disturbances.

Cut yourself off from all communications with the outside world. Switch off your phone, TV, radio and all such time guzzlers.

Set a quota of words to pen down. You may not always achieve your goal, but at least you know how much you have fallen short. But as in everything - Set a realistic goal. 

Dont aspire for a masterpiece in the fiat draft.  Good will follow bad, And best will follow good. Write now and then revise later. Write, write, write.