And Deonar continues to smoulder...

Deonar dump has accumulated garbage as high as 18 storied tower!! How can we prevent such high mountains of garbage from being generated?
Quite simple. First we segregate our household waste. Hand over the recyclables - paper, plastic and metals to a ragpicker, or, to the garbage collection van. Our country has a amazing system of recycling; bottles, newspapers, cardboards, metals and even plastics! The ragpickers will sell our rubbish for recycling and make some money on the side; enough to eat a decent meal. and hopefully to educate their families. Thus, a great boost for the environment and perhaps a little towards alleviating poverty.
If we have access to a garden compost the organic waste, and lo volia - the garbage needed for disposable will go down to barely a tenth of that generated! Let's all just do it!
Have reviewed three lovely books on the topic. Pick them up and give to the children in your family or those of others.

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I am a Cat by Eklavya
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